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New Orleans, Louisiana bred (and now District of Columbia based) hip hop artist, slam poet, producer, screenwriter, host, and veteran middle and high school teacher Drew Anderson has continued to innovatively utilize his talent for connecting with audiences big and small via the avenues of art and education. The son of an English teacher, Drew has always gravitated toward writing as a weapon of expression and a tool of informing through entertainment. His explosive performance style and knack for satire have brought him to stages around the globe. (continue reading bio…)



#BabyDriver was just plain brilliant! The writing, editing, choreography and use of music are pretty much peerless as far as I’m concerned. The way the main character navigated (pun intended) his world through sound was quite compelling and as someone with some amount of editing experience, I can’t say enough about how it was all cut together. It was like the best of noir and a number of other genres came together and had a baby (pun intended once again). It’s one thing to make a great film but quite another to make a film that blends and/or pushes existing genres, perhaps even creating a new sub-genre in the process. It rocked me like Idlewild, shocked me like Sausage Party, and will no doubt haunt me like Get Out. It may not be your type of film, but I think it’s among the best of its type, may have created a new type, and will go out as one of the critical darlings of what’s turning out to be a pretty darned decent movie year. I give it an A+. Believe the hype; it’s that good! #moviereviews #BabyDriverReview #DroopyGoesToTheMovies

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