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“Love In The Time Of Science” {#ThisIsThePart, Part 26 of 31}

08.26.2016 · Posted in blog
“Love In The Time Of Science” {#ThisIsThePart, Part 26 of 31}
“You have to be careful not to fall into my trap . . ” ~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez
In 1985, Gabriel Garcia Marquez released the novel Love In The Time Of Cholera. It centered around a decades-long love, kept kindled by an endearing-if-impossibly-awkward writer. It would go on to be heralded as a classic in the genres of magical realism and romance (as if magical realism and romance were not one and the same).
In 1999, Emiliana Torrini released the album Love In The Time Of Science. It centered around a beautifully Bjork-influenced blend of dream-driven soundscapes and naked, vulnerable poetics. It would go on to be heralded as a classic in the genres of trip hop and wonderful weirdness (as if trip hop and wonderful weirdness were not one and the same).
I discovered Emiliana Torrini at a Tricky concert in 2000 at the 9:30 Club. I went with my dear friend Donya, who, like me, ended up ultimately enjoying Emiliana more than Tricky.
I loved Donya. Donya loved me. I got Donya. Donya got me. Donya had a kid with a dude who didn’t get her. It would not be fair for me to suggest that he didn’t love her. But one reason I know Donya loved me is she said as much the night she died.
At least that’s what I heard.
A missed call. A house fire. A dude, a baby, and a Donya . . deceased.
Damn. I wasn’t even supposed to say all that.
I was just supposed to say how this track, “Love In The Time Of Science”, samples “Dead Things” by Emiliana Torrini and speaks from the perspective of an artist who falls in love with a scientist. Figuratively speaking, anyways.
But I suppose some memories just don’t . . die.
Rest in peace.
(Painting courtesy of www.reshadapullenjireh.com. Photography courtesy of www.rdionefoto.com. Hear the full #ThisIsThePart saga at www.soundcloud.com/brokeballer!)
#ThisIsTheTrivia : Those who’ve been keeping up with #ThisIsThePart already peeped shout outs to Love In The Time Of Cholera in Part 18 (“Afro Samurai, Gangsta Geisha”) and Part 19 (“Senorita Sama’s Sensual Safehouse”).



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