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Señorita Sama’s Sensual Safehouse {#thisisthepart, part 19 of 31}

08.19.2016 · Posted in blog

“My hungry heart holds our secret getaways / like the last snowflake of a winter day . . ” It is a Wednesday night. And I have a . . “girlfriend”. So why am I downstairs by the back bar of Eighteenth Street Lounge, seduced by sweat sheen and Shabba Ranks, engaging in synchronized waist-winding [...] ...

Afro samurai, gangsta geisha {#thisisthepart, part 18 of 31}

08.18.2016 · Posted in blog

“(K)night falls on her; Lancelot to Guinivere / Light falls on her; glinting sphere to hemisphere / Water from her mind replenish tears endless years / We been traveling in pairs; Noah’s Ark, Senate hearings . . ” This poem was born as a series of texts which I sent to my ex-miss* one Halloween [...] ...

The Light, Pt. 2 (Photon of Common) {#thisisthepart, part 17 of 31}

08.17.2016 · Posted in blog

“I never knew a love, love, a love, a love like this . . ” In the year 2000, fellow Piscean Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. aka Common aka The Artist Formerly Known As Sense released the album Like Water For Chocolate, which would go on to be considered by many fans as one of his [...] ...

Diary (featuring Noel Scales) {#ThisIsThePart, Part 16}

08.16.2016 · Posted in blog

“Only you know what this song’s about . . ” ~ Alicia Keys They say that the only way to keep a secret between three people is to kill two of them. I say that if two people become one person, then there are no secrets. Here, Philly-raised Atlanta-based rising star songstress Noel Scales and [...] ...

Interlude 4 – The Building {#ThisIsThePart, Part 15 of 31}

08.15.2016 · Posted in blog

Hi. I’m . . Druid. She’s . . an angel. And you’re . . her mom. Does that make you . . God?? . . . (Painting courtesy of www.reshadapullenjireh.com.) ...


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