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How To Stay In Love With You

05.18.2017 · Posted in blog

My dear friend DJ Shiva asked me how I stay in love with me. So I wrote this, and I share it with you that you may hopefully find inspiration in your lifelong love affair with you.

1. Know yourself. As with the rest of this list, this will be an ongoing process, since you today differs from you yesterday and you tomorrow will differ from both. But you can not love what you do not know.

2. Trust yourself. Listen to yourself when it tells you you’re not being yourself. You can’t just live inside of yourself, but don’t let anyone else take you outside of yourself.

3. Build yourself. Never miss an opportunity to grow. Anything not growing is dead.

4. Challenge yourself. Be grateful for where you are and what you have, but never allow yourself to become complacent.

5. Surprise yourself. Make sure every day is new by trying something new every day.

6. Treat yourself. Don’t work so hard in your moves that you forget to also enjoy the journey. Enjoy yourself.

7. Protect yourself. Be kind, but do not allow the unkind to take your kindness for weakness. Stand up for yourself.

8. Respect yourself. If you don’t, no one else will.

9. Forgive yourself. This is often the hardest one, but perhaps also the most important. No relationship can continue in a healthy way if it remains poisoned by the regrets of the past and your relationship with yourself is no different. Learn the difference between holding yourself accountable and holding yourself in purgatory. Learn to laugh at yourself. Heal yourself.

10. Be yourself. We are all unique, flavorful foods to be served in the luncheon of life. Some will savor the nuances of your nectar while singing praises to your creator. Others will chew you up and spit you out. Others will pass by your platter entirely, never knowing the flavors of your fruits. Others still will nibble you into nothingness, all the while complaining that they’ve tasted better. But the opinions of those supping have no bearing on the love which went into the food’s production. You are here to serve a meal (“Me” + “all”) before it spoils or stales. So serve, and those who are ready will taste and appreciate.



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