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#Oprah/Obama 2020: The Pipe Dream

01.09.2018 · Posted in blog

#UnpopularOpinion : Get over the Oprah/Obama ticket. It’s not “BREAKING NEWS”; it’s faking news. It’s not something they want, and it’s never going to happen. I respect Oprah as a media mogul and inspiration to many, but I can’t help but laugh at y’all for getting this hype over a Golden Globes speech. I watched it too and it was beautiful and timely and real; perhaps perfect. But why do we vote good talkers into high office then be surprised when the best thing they do is talk? Just because we have Bozo the Clown as Commander-In-Tweets right now doesn’t mean jump out the window with it. Furthermore, I watched Oprah sit across from Michelle Rhee on her show and call her a Superwoman. Now all my DC folk who cried bloody murder about what Rhee did to our school system, what would you say if President Winfrey made Rhee the Secretary of Education (which Trump himself nearly did)? I’ll wait.

As for the Michelle whom I prefer (Obama) and the prospects of her running (with or without Oprah), it’s a nice dream and a great t-shirt. But when asked in an interview toward the end of his 2nd term if he would hypothetically be willing to run for a 3rd, the other Obama said, “No, because I’m very interested in staying married.” Anyone who read The Audacity of Hope knows how hard Barack’s political life was on his family before he even ran for President. And look how much hell y’all giving poor Malia Ann for just trynna LIVE! Media on her asterisk for every pair of lips she kiss and every joint she smoke. She in COLLEGE! Let that girl know some blokes and sco’ some dope! Anything less would be un-American! Act like y’all wasn’t shaggin’ and draggin’ in college. Shit, at least she at Harvard. They prolly got the best weed! Meanwhile, your bamma ass was flunking community college choking on one kinda “Reggie” and fuckin’ on another one! And wanna judge some Malia. Get outta here wit dat!

Ahem, I would apologize for my apparent tangent, except . . I’m not sorry. The point is, I know that (almost) anyone would be better than who we have now, but we’ve got to get over this cult-of-personality stuff. That’s how we got here; not how we’ll get out. Just ’cause you LIKES somebody don’t mean they should be President. So calm down, breathe, and let’s take a look at some serious prospects, some of whom have paid considerable dues in politics and community in their own right. For now, please get over #OprahObama2020 ; issa #pipedream .



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