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07.31.2016 · Posted in blog

So I finally done did it.

I took the whole sordid, sweet, raw, royal, woeful, wonderful story of my love life and condensed it into a three-act, 31 piece movement. A movement known only as #ThisIsThePart.

#ThisIsThePart is the story of my heart. (No emoticons included, but it may just have its share of explosions and rainbows.) It is a love story told in colorful detail through hip hop, poetry, and parody. Simultaneously, it be a love song to its musical inspirations: crucial classics from the 90s and the turn of the century by some of my very favorite artists, including Amel Larrieux, Jill Scott, Common, Yasiin Bey fka Mos Def, and the legendary Roots crew. It also stands as a frank challenge to my artistic peers to bring more dynamic storytelling into the mix.

This project is deeply personal to me, but what’s more, as you engage with it, you may just find it becoming deeply personal to you as well. With poetic detail, the pieces unravel the tale of a relationship from infatuation to disintegration and everything in between. Thus, as you walk with me, you may just see parallels to your own relationships, and find yourself reminiscing on the good times, healing from the bad.

I envision #ThisIsThePart as a multimedia experience expressed through visual art, theatre, film and more. But it all started with the words and music, and it is time I shared those with you all.

Throughout these 31 days of August, I will be releasing the 31 “parts” of #ThisIsThePart at www.soundcloud.com/brokeballer , featuring a track a day via all of my social media. I even caught the Unholy Ghost in the process and started writing “liner notes” about the inspiration and creation of the pieces, sometimes going so far as to write poetry about the poetry itself. You can see all of these “liner notes” updated daily throughout August at brokeballer.tumblr.com and also at my Droopy The Broke Baller Facebook fan page.

I do hope that you enjoy taking this journey with me.

Bon appetit . .
The Druid



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